About MPM

We keep your practice healthy.

In a time when both the cost to operate a practice and the complexity of the reimbursement process are increasing, medical groups must be diligent about every detail impacting their bottom line.

But, they don’t have to do it alone.

Medical Practice Management (MPM) has been helping medical groups since 1985.  In today’s healthcare environment, physicians that expect to remain competitive and grow their practices must have confidence that their business arms are managing costs and maximizing reimbursement potential.  MPM provides professional medical billing, financial and practice management solutions, ensuring the financial success of your business.

Benefitting from a deep team of healthcare professionals, a robust software system and the flexibility offered by a mid-sized corporation, medical groups have the opportunity to achieve and often exceed their specific business goals.

We believe that a close monitoring of every key business driver allows our physician partners more time to do what they were trained to do; and that is to CARE for their patients.

A partnership with MPM is the first step to keeping your practice healthy.

MPM Core Principles

  • Hire and develop effective account management teams that are dedicated to our clients.
  • Design, implement and constantly enhance application software that can rapidly adapt to the needs of the medical practice and demands of regulatory agencies and insurance companies.
  • Develop partnerships with hospitals, payers and key individuals to promote optimal data exchange.
  • Utilize tools that allow our clients to manage and evaluate contractual relationships and payment integrity.
  • Educate our clients so they can make well-informed financial decisions for their practice.