Experience the peace of mind you provide patients by trusting each charge will be tracked from procedure to payment.

AnesthesiologyCARE makes it easy to process all the information necessary to effectively manage the financials of an anesthesiology practice. Daily, monthly, and custom reports can be generated with ease.

CARE makes monitoring carrier denials, demographic errors, exam volumes, referral trends, and almost any other practice management metric simple. Easily dig into the data to analyze trends and to understand the factors that are affecting the practice.

 Why anesthesiologists like MPM:

  • Able to monitor individual carriers that routinely delay claims and tighten controls to speed up the anesthesiology billing cycle.
  • Able to input anesthesiology reports manually or electronically.
  • Able to easily monitor and address reimbursements that are less than the contracted fee.
  • Able to show work performed by date of service, regardless of date of system entry, and include payments, adjustments, and refunds
  • Able to track denials by carrier and routinely denied procedures.
  • A greater bottom line and more time to devote to patient CARE.