Why MPM?

We CARE about your practice!

MPM Cares

Today, maybe more than ever, it is imperative for physicians to understand the cost to run their practice. In addition to managing expenses, it is critically important to capture every reimbursable dollar.  You must have:

  • A system that guarantees that every service you have provided has been captured, coded and billed correctly.
  • Processes to ensure accurate payment has been received.
  • An experienced team capable of delivering results.
  • Easy access to reports that can quickly provide the information you need.
  • A partner completely dedicated to the financial health of your practice.

Motivated to helping you grow your business, doing it right the first time is our number one priority!

We will provide customized solutions based on the strategic objectives of your practice. We offer physicians the flexibility to determine their own desired level of service, beginning with the most basic billing support.  We will provide your practice with the same professional CARE and attention that you offer to your patients.

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of Bob Goodman answering the question
“Who needs MPM?”

 We ask the important questions.

Are you controlling costs?
Are your charges being billed correctly?
Are you identifying and managing denied claims?
Are you compliant with regulatory protocols and requirements?
Is your system designed to capture and track every reimbursable dollar?
Are you maximizing your revenue opportunity?

We provide customized solutions.

Our in-house programming staff constantly updates our software to adapt to a changing industry.  Whether it is local or corporate support, we have a solution.  Whether you need billing, financial or practice management support, we have a solution.  Our customized solutions give medical practices the resources needed to reduce expenses, increase revenue and maximize their financial well-being.

We monitor your charges from procedure to payment.

Our in-house certified coders are committed to ensuring that each charge is captured and billed accurately and on-time. We have multiple front-end edits to ensure clean claims.

We deliver results consistent with the CARE you provide your patients.

Attention to every detail is how a physician is able to prescribe the correct treatment.  It is also how MPM is able to exceed national benchmarks for reimbursements.

We implement processes to ensure complete and accurate reimbursement.

Automated tracking identifies and addresses potential denials before the claim is filed.  The Reimbursement Manager module automatically captures any primary insurance payments that do not match the expected reimbursement and can automatically generate a letter of appeal upon request.

We build trust.

Our belief that the relationship is of paramount importance is key to our efforts.  With the success of your business our #1 priority, we will not cut any corners.

We deliver results.

We are able to adjust quickly to the needs of our client and differentiate ourselves through reduced expenses, lower fees and higher reimbursements.

We offer flexibility.

We understand the one size does not fit all and will work with you to meet the specific challenges you are facing.