Compliance Driven

ComplianceMedical Practice Management, Inc. has always made ethical business practice and billing integrity our top priorities.  To help us meet the challenges of today’s health care environment, our Compliance Officer and Privacy Officer work closely with the Compliance Committee to maintain and update our Compliance Policy annually.   We have developed and implemented internal controls and procedures that promote adherence both federal and state program requirements as well as private insurance program guidelines.  We recognize our duty to ensure that the claims submitted on behalf of our clients are true and accurate and reflect the work that was actually performed.

As a safeguard, Medical Practice Management, Inc. conducts regular coding audits for every client and promotes continuing education to ensure that our staff maintains competency in an ever-changing health care field.  It is equally important to give physicians feedback when we see opportunities to improve documentation or provide other information that can enhance billing integrity.

In summary, we believe that “ethical conduct” means doing the right thing all the time.

Do you have a compliance concern or question that you would like to discuss with us? 

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