What is the CARE system?

This proprietary software systematically anticipates, recognizes, scrubs and reacts to potential denials associated with the raw data, methodically doing everything necessary to ensure clean and accurate claims.  The system addresses basic information allowing our team to spend more time tracking and following up claims to ensure accurate payment.

Do you send any of the coding / billing functions to a third party?

Understanding the importance of tracking every charge from procedure to payment, MPM does not send any of their business functionality to other vendors.  Wanting to proactively monitor every claim, we do not work with third parties.

Do you use a clearinghouse?

We file directly with major carriers and utilize a clearinghouse for other commercial claims.

How do you know if information is missing or inaccurate?

MPM reconciles both manually and electronically to ensure all charges have been captured. All charges go through an extensive edit process prior to claim generation.  Issues potentially impacting accurate reimbursement are addressed before the claim is submitted to a carrier for payment.

Do you bill for specialties other than radiology and anesthesiology?

While radiology and anesthesiology make up the majority of our business, we do have experience with twenty other medical specialties.

What does it cost to have MPM conduct a financial check-up?

Committed to helping every medical group grow their practice, MPM offers this analysis free of charge.  This check-up will either validate what you believe to be true or offer valuable information for consideration.

How do you ensure a clean claim?

Our scrubbers are internal edits to ensure variables such as provider and policy numbers and CPT information is accurate and complete.  This ensures the claim will be paid fully and on time.

How quickly can MPM transition a new partner?

While the standard is 60-90 days, we will have a team in your office tomorrow if that is what you need.

Will I see my cash flow decrease during transition?

While no company can make a guarantee, our record for delivering a seamless, transparent and productive transition is unparalleled.

Is the CARE system compatible?

We have yet to find a system we could not interface with to deliver the connectivity needed to grow your business.

How do you ensure the actual payments equal the contracted rates?

MPM’s Reimbursement Manager monitors the integrity of payments made by insurance carriers to guarantee the contracted rate is being honored.  An appeal letter is generated when the actual payment does not equal the contracted rate.

Where can I find a comprehensive glossary of medical and billing terminology?

We have compiled a list of commonly used medical and billing terminology.  Click here to search our glossary.