Financials 101

Do you know your “true” billing costs?

Financials 101 is a template used to identify a group’s actual expenses which are often unnoticed in a larger overall total.  It is an invaluable tool for groups concerned about their expenses or looking to compare the overall cost to bill internally vs. outsourcing this business function to a trusted partner.

For example; you may discover when completing this exercise that your overall cost to bill is $1,500,000 against net revenue of $12,000,000.  Therefore, your “true” billing cost is 12.5%.

What if MPM took responsibility for all your current billing expenses, maintained the level of service you deserve, charged you a single monthly fee and saved you hundreds of thousands of dollars annually?

In addition to the significant savings from outsourcing this important business need, you will not have to worry about ongoing training costs, vacations, paid-time off, annual pay increases, benefits, payroll taxes, insurances, software costs, certain lease payments, valuable employees leaving for other opportunities, etc.

Financials 101 is a tool that many have used to thoroughly evaluate the health of their practice.  Please call 1-800-262-4220 Option 2 if you would like to learn more.

Download your copy of Financials 101