Practice Management

Get exactly the support you need.

MPM meets with clients regularly.We offer physicians the flexibility to determine their own desired level of service, beginning with the most basic billing support and expanding into full practice management. Trust the day-to-day management of your billing office to professionals dedicated to delivering the results you deserve.

MPM meets with clients regularly to discuss important information impacting their practices. Whether evaluating specific trends influencing results or new business opportunities, MPM has the knowledge and experience to deliver.

Practice Management Services include:

  • Group Strategic Planning
  • Hospital Contract Negotiations
  • Staffing
  • Individual Site Review for Profitability
  • Nighthawk Service Negotiations
  • Hospital Stipend and Supplement Negotiations
  • Physician Employment Recruitment Planning
  • Physician Employment Agreement Prototypes

Work together to improve results 

We are in constant contact with our clients throughout the month to address their questions, solicit feedback and to keep them informed of recent developments that could impact their practice.

Utilize Full Practice Management Services

MPM provides a full spectrum of practice development and management services including: planning, administration, billing, collections, bookkeeping, accounting, benefits design and administration, and complete corporate financial planning and administration.

Rely on Specialized Staff

Our clients benefit from the expertise of CPAs, system analysts, reimbursement specialists and management personnel all dedicated to the needs of physicians.