MPM’s CARE software will transform how you track and analyze data, eliminating any doubt about the accuracy of your reimbursements.

MPM's CARE software deliversOver the past twenty-seven years, MPM has incorporated the expertise of physicians, healthcare administrators, coders, accountants, programmers, network specialists and clerical staff to develop the CARE software system.  This system was designed for your practice and is dedicated to your success.

The CARE system will deliver, eliminating any doubt about the accuracy of the reimbursements you should receive.  Attention to claim specific detail is what sets up apart.

Rather than using off the shelf systems that are inflexible, expensive to change, and quickly obsolete, MPM developed and continues to enhance a sophisticated package that exceeds the needs of our clients. CARE has helped hundreds of physicians reduce the cost of doing business and increase revenue.

MPM’s  CARE  Software Delivers   
Bob Goodman offers his thoughts  to why MPM developed and continues to invest in its software.  Click here to view video.

The CARE system:

  • Utilizes HL7 interfacing to facilitate integrated information exchange
  • Reconciles demographic downloads to ensure all information has been captured
  • Makes global edits on the front end to ensure a clean claim
  • Utilizes Scrubber Plus edits by carrier to further cleanse the claim
  • Utilizes NCD, LCD and NCCI protocols to ensure the claim is acceptable and accurate
  • Transmits a clean claim
  • Monitors the claim to ensure quick and accurate payment

What does CARE do?

CARE provides certainty for our physician partners that …

  • Every charge has been captured and tracked through the system
  • Reimbursements are paid quickly
  • A/R is being monitored on a daily basis
  • Appeals are being tracked and recovered
  • Contractual adjustments are accurate
  • “Bad debt” is truly uncollectible
  • Missing, inaccurate or inconsistent codes and modifiers are identified and corrected
  • Scrubber edits will catch errors that would have resulted in denial
  • Scrubber Plus will verify provider, policy numbers and CPT information accuracy
  • Denied claims are systematically challenged
  • Potential underpayments are identified and addressed
  • Daily balancing verifies that critical information has been correctly updated
  • Line item posting will track every encounter

CARE is vigilant to one simple question … are we doing everything we can to accurately capture and track every piece of work performed by our physician partners?

Balancing – each client is balanced at the start of the work day.

Batch Processing – entering charges and claims in a batch helps to catch keying errors.

Billing Procedures – the End of Day (EOD) process not only updates accounts, but it determines which accounts should be billed and to whom they should be billed.

CARE System Application – our centralized A/R system has been designed to make the billing process automatic and to assist account representatives in billing patients.

Charge Edits – all charges go through an extensive edit process prior to claim generation.  The Scrubber Plus reviews all charges prior to generating a claim.

Charge Entry – charge information can be entered manually or electronically.  In either case, the information is entered through batches.  When charges are posted they are assigned a reference number.  The system matches all transactions and determines the appropriate billing action.

Data Gathering – for some of the smaller accounts or accounts which are based at hospitals without sophisticated computing equipment, all information is input manually.  Larger accounts generally receive the demographic and often the charge information through electronic transfer of data.

Hardware – client offices have PC’s for data entry that operate off a host system in Richmond and are connected via secure VPN.

HIPAA CompliantHIPAA Compliant and Secure – HIPAA guidelines are enforced in all aspects of our business, and we have a compliance committee that meets frequently to address any issues and continually re-evaluate our process.  A strong coding audit program is also in place. System security is maintained at all times to ensure compliance.

Improve Data Accuracy – streamlined processes ensure all captured data is accurate. Missing demographics and charges are automatically identified and reported. Whether demographic information is entered manually or electronically, you can trust the data will be saved accurately.

Payments – when payments are received they are input in the system in a batch.  For insurance carriers that physicians participate with, the amount paid may be significantly less than the amount charged.  Adjustments must be made in order to write the differences off the system as that money can not be collected.

Reimbursement Module – automatically tracks payments from insurance carriers that do not match contracted payment obligation.  A letter of appeal is automatically generated.

Update Accounts and Bill Automatically – the End of Day process updates all patient accounts based on the data input throughout the day and determines which accounts should be billed. Patient statements, insurance carrier claim forms, and daily reports are generated. All statements are printed and mailed through a clearinghouse.